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Educational Games for Kids multiplatform release!

Date: 12 Oct 2020 crazysoft

Educational Games for Kids

All Platforms are out!* (*Only Nintendo Switch™ is missing right now. It is estimated to release at the end of November in Switch.)

Review: (familyfriendlygaming.com)
It is great to see a kids video game come back to the consoles again. It has been some time since this genre was accurately represented. It is wonderful to see a game for kids coming to so many different systems.

Review: (play-verse.com)
We thought this game would be of great use if parents were aware of its existence. It can help children's brain growth, memory, reasoning, problem-solving skills, reflexes and other aspects that they might not get in school.

Review: (Vulgar Knight)
It’s very thorough, true to its title of being educational, and ignoring the Editor’s Picks section on your tablet, a top educational title. I can’t put a score on educational content, but I will recommend that you pick this up – especially for younger children.

PS4: Released, on both America and Europe regions.
Xbox One: Released, find it here.
Nintendo Switch: Not yet. Estimated at the end of November.
Windows 10 Store: Released, find it here.
Steam: Released on Windows, Mac & Linux, find it here.
Mac Store: Released, find it here. (Free limited version here)
Android: Released on Phones & Tablets, find it here. (Free limited version soon)
iOS: Released on iPhones & iPads, find it here. (Free limited version soon)
Android TV: Released, find it here.
Apple TV: Released, find it here.

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