(You start with four objects: stone pyramid, leather laces, ambrosia and wire coil.)
* Talk to man, learn that he is bored.
* Talk to goat, learn that she wants better food.
* Use ambrosia on the goat, then ask her to come with you.
* Use goat on the path leading up, then you can select the orange symbol to access the map.

* Talk to old farmer, learn that his grape crops aren’t doing well.
* Take some stones, from the left at the temple of Apollo near the priest.

* Use the stones on man, then take the mirror.

* At the temple, place the mirror in the big hole in the rock.
* Go back to the farmer and take the newly grown grapes.
* Place the grapes in the wine press, get in and jump around like crazy.
* Turn on the tap, and take the jug of wine.
* Give the wine to the priest, then talk to him.

* Wash yourself in the water, to reveal your identity.

* Speak with the priest, about everything and get a coin.
* Give the coin to the farmer, in exchange for the donkey.

* Use the donkey on the port, and he will carry you.

* Speak with the captain, and tell him to take you to the volcano.
* Talk to the bold fisherman, and mention the five elements to get a membership card.
* Talk to the fisherman at the right, and discover he is thirsty.
* Look at the mosaic a few times, to remember burying something beneath it.
* Speak with the worker, and ask him if you can dig up the mosaic.

* Speak with the painter, and ask him to lend you his brush.
* Show the painter your wire coil, then ask for the brush again.
* Try to take the discus, from the statue.
* Talk to the children, and ask the boy to take the discus for you.

* Speak with the woman in red, and ask her to play the game.
* Give her the membership card, then ask again to play.
* Complete the sliding-piece puzzle, and get a VIP card and Delphic coin.
(After 150 moves it solves itself.)

* Give the VIP card to the huge buy, and get a teddy bear.

* Give the teddy bear to philosopher, then speak with him.
* Show the stone pyramid to the philosopher, then ask him about Atlantis.
* Look at the blue rug, a few times and then talk to the philosopher again. You get his juice.

* Use the juice on the flower, then take it.
* Use paintbrush on the dead flower, inside your inventory.

* Give the painted flower to the boy, then ask him to get the discus.
* Throw the discus to the red bird.
* Use the red bird on the mayor's audience, then ask them for the dropped peanuts.
* Speak with the mayor, to get him to end his speech.
* Ask the mayor permission to dig up the mosaic, he agrees.

* Give the peanuts to the waitress, and get the drinks.

* Give the drinks to the fisherman on the right, and get the scissors.
* Use the scissors on the boat sails, you cut them.

* Return to port, and now its night.

Port at night
* Look at the place the fishermen had their nets, a few times to find the red herring. Then get it.
(You can see a small fish on the floor)
* Use ambrosia on you, and dig up the mosaic with your hands to uncover your weapon.

* Use the lightning spear on the mayor, he opens up the map.

* Use ambrosia on lotus fruit, then take 2 fruits.
* give one lotus to the coupled man, then ask him for the blanket.
* Speak with the vendor, and ask him about Thirassia.
* Give the laces to the vendor, then take the stone pot from his table.

* Talk to the captain about Thirassia, then ask him to take you there.

* Use the lighning spear on the pile of iron under the tree, then take a piece.
* Take the round sticky stone at the right.
* Talk to the seagull.

* Look at the bush near the child a few times, to discover the pestle. Take it.

* Take some charcoal, from the burned tree.
* Use the lotus fruit on the stone pot, in your inventory.
* Use the pestle on the stone pot, in your inventory.
* Talk to the bird, on the left side.
* Place the pot in the lava pool on top, and add the iron piece.
* Take the pot of molten iron, and pour it in the long crack near the philosopher.
* Talk to the philosopher, and tell him to cool the molten iron.
* Take the iron bar fom the crack.
* Use the pestle on the lava near the philosopher, to make a torch.

* Put the iron pole in the hole under the platform, then try to climb the pole.
* Ask the child if he is good at climbing.
* Use the wire coil on the child, and then the child on the iron pole.
* Take the 2 shields, next to the Zeus statue.
* Use the Delphic coin on the rock, to get the energy medallion.
* Use the energy medallion with your weapon, to your inventory.
* Use the blanket with the dirty shield, and the clean shield on the Zeus statue.
* Take the iron pole, and the kid comes down.

* Give the shield with the hole to the bird, then combine the gold egg with this shield.

* Use the lightning spear on Apollo's head, then again on the completed statue of Apollo.

* Use the charcoal on the ashes, on the hilltop.
* Place the iron pole over the ashes, and use the pestle torch on the charcoal.
* Put the round sticky stone on the iron bar, and the complete shield on the round stone.

* Use the lightning spear on the sun, and unlock the altar at Akrotiri.

* Pull the altar handle, to get the time machine.


* Speak to the brunette girl, about everything and then ask her for her scarf.
* Ask the priest about Aphrodite and listen to the hymn, ask 'What's new?'.
* Talk to the blond girl about Aphrodite's love of freedom, remember the response: apple, poppy and pomegranate.
* Talk to the brunette girl about Aphrodite's likes, remember the response: rose, myrtle and windflower.

* Speak with fans to learn about the wrestlers, ask them twice if you stand a chance.
* Speak with wrestlers, and insult them with: 'You don't play fair' and 'You’re so clumsy'.
* Click yourself and choose, to come up with a plan.
* Speak to the fans, to learn that Demosthenes on the left broke his jaw in the past and Aristophanes on the right has weak legs.
* Click on Demosthenes and choose, 'Grab him by the neck' and 'Push him in the jaw'.
* Click on Aristophanes and choose, 'Pull his arm' and 'Kick him in the shin'.
* Click youself again and choose, 'Time for action!'.
* Speak with Demosthenes after the match, and get his bracelet.

* Use the bracelet on the tree area, to unlock it.

* Speak to the bird, then use your lighning spear on it.
* Speak to the frog, to learn about the rusty chain.
* Speak to the fisherman, and ask his rod.
* Use ambrosia on the hook, to help the fisherman score a catch.
* Use the fishing rod on the rusty chain, to get it.
* Combine the fishing rod and the rusty chain, in your inventory.

* Use the stone pyramid to cut the rope,next to the wrecked ship.
* Take the amphora from the ocean.
* Speak to the gold digger.
* Use the rod with chain on the wooden stakes, and the chain is up there.

* Use the amphora on the frog, to get him.

* Look at the gloves in the trench, use the frog to get them.
* Look at the marble heads above the drawbridge, try to touch them.
* Talk to the guard aboutt the marble heads, and learn that he fears getting them dirty.

* Give the gloves to the gold digger, and speak with him to get the crank.

* Use the bird on the marble heads, and speak to it to convince it to pretend he is sick.
* Tell the guard that the bird has diarrhea.
* Use the crank in the guard tower hole, turn it to slow the water flow.

* Use the frog on the cave behind the falls.
* Use the rope on the frog, in your inventory.
* Use the frog on the cave behind the falls again.
* Use ambrosia on the frog, and in the cave again.

* Use the lightning spear with the bell, and then tie the rope to the bell.
* Ring the bell, and look in the cave near the bell to find the pendant.

* Use the pendant on the star on mosaic, to uncover the first wire circle which is part of the time machine.

* Take the large branch, on the right of the tree.
* Speak with the green haired girl, and ask her for the missing pieces. Tell her 'apple', 'poppy' and 'pomegranate'.
* Use the tree pieces she gave you to the altar.
* Speak with the blue haired girl, and ask her for the missing pieces. Tell her 'rose', 'myrtle' and 'windflower'.
* Use the tree pieces she gave you to the altar.

* Use the scarf with the tree branch, in your inventory.
* Use the net with the bird, you catch it.

* Use the dove you have with the other dove,you get him too.

* Place the 2 doves on the altar, then click the altar to play the mini game.

Altar Game
* The correct placement of the tiles is like this:
(1) Dove facing left - (2) Empty - (3) Dove facing right
(4) Apple - (5) Poppy [pink] - (6) Pomegranate [white]
(7) Rose - (8) Myrtle [white] - (9) Windflower [yellow]
(After 150 moves it solves itself)
* After solving the altar game, you will get another part of the time machine.

* Speak to both of Europe's friends, and ask them if they are OK.

* Talk to the engineer, and ask about his life.

* Talk to the gardener, and tell him that he looks troubled.

* Tell the brunette girl that you saw her brother a few times, She will ask you for proof.
* Tell the redhead girl that you talked to her brother a few times, She will ask you for proof.

* Talk to the engineer, and tell him you saw his sister at Mykonos.
* Look at wooden support under the pipe, a couple of times to find the wooden thimble and take it.

* Talk to the gardener, and tell him you spoke with his sister at Mykonos. He asks for proof.

* Take the daisy, from the fortress wall.

* Give the thimble to the brunetter girl, and get the nail.
* Give the daisy to the redhead girl, and get the Aliceband.

* Give the nail to the engineer.

* Give the Aliceband to the gardener, and get the scythe.
* Use the scythe with the red herring, in the inventory to get the bonus coin.
* Use the lightning spear to clear the debris, in the trench.

* Use the scythe to cut the ivy, from the mansion pillar.

* Use ambrosia with the ivy, and then use the ivy on the fortress roof.
* Use the scythe on the ivy, and then use the ivy again to slide across the ivy.
* Find the pineapple in the tree.
* Take the lumber..
* Use the scythe, to cross back to the fortress.

* Give the lumber to the engineer, and tell him to make repairs.
* Use ambrosia on yourself, and kick the pipe to unclog it.

* Give the pineapple to Europe, then talk to her.

* Talk to the gardener, to fill the trench with water.
* Take the 3 flowers, from the front of the lions.
* Examine the middle lion's head twice, and turn it to find the 3rd missing piece of the time machine.

* Combine the 3 flowers, in your inventory to make a bouquet. Give it to Europe.
* Combine the pyramid with the time machine, in your inventory.
* Use the time machine on yourself, to transform into a bull.


* Speak with Talos, about everything.
* Examine the hollow in the olive tree, many times until you find a mouse. Then take it.
* Use the mouse on the stone Zeus head, to get an earring.
* Use the mouse on the door behind Talos, to open it.
* Talk to Europe, and tell her to speak with Talos.
* Use Europe on Talos, to get closer to him.
* Use Europe on Talos' laces on his leg, to get the rope.
* Combine the rope and earring, then use it on Talos' belt.
* Use Europe on Talos' hatch, and play the mini game.
(Rearrange the puzzle pieces correctly to repair the circuit.)

* Take the second marble head, from the pillar.
* Look at the sign above the maze twice, to find the ball of twine. Take it.
* Use the ball of twine on the labyrinth entrance.
* Speak to the prince, about the hieroglyphs and the maze.
* Look at the hieroglyphs again, to solve the riddle. Then enter the labyrinth.

* Go: Up, Right, Up, Right, Left.

* Take the stone near the well, and drop it in the well. Then take another one.
* Use the time machine on the well, and drop another stone in it.
* Use ambrosia on the large tree, the leaves go away.
* Show the researcher the lever, and he will give you a plaque.

* Place the plaque into the slot under the horns, then get it back.

* Return the plaque to the researcher, he doesn't take it.
* Use the lightning spear on the researcher, and you get the good plaque.

* Place the good plaque into the slot under the horns, it works.
* On the hieroglyphic pillar press: the human head and the torch to get the Disc of Phaistos.

* Use the lever on the hole and use it, the spaceship will appear.
* Talk to Europe.
* Use your lightning spear on the researcher, he leaves.
* Talk to Europe, you say goodbye and you enter the spaceship.

* Place the time machine on the control panel, you see the destroyed earth.
* Place the Disc of Phaistos on the control panel, you finish the game!