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Learn about your future in PS4 with Tarot Readings.

Date: 23 Apr 2019 crazysoft

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings is out!
Released for Playstation 4 USA and Europe!

Use our tarot reading cards adviser to learn about your future and fate!

Attractive features of the game:
1) Exclusive custom 4K deck with animated cards!
2) 5 full decks of 78 cards. (1 animated and 4 historic: Grimaud, Conver, Dodal, Noblet)
3) 4 popular spreads (Celtic cross, three cards, romance / love and career)
4) Translated into 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek.
5) Can find: Neighbour cards (Well-dignified, Ill-dignified), Pair & Reversed.
6) Detailed or simple explanations for beginners.
7) Compare each card from all 5 decks with zoom.
8) Living room multiplayer! Up to 5 different users.
9) You can export all results to your email easily.

Search "Tarot" and find it in your local PS4 Store.
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