22th October 2014 Puzzle Games

Trigna is the latest trend in puzzle gaming. CrazySoft team is back, with a completely new, addicting and clever mind game. The Tile 'Trigna' derives from the Greek word 'Trigona' which means 'triangles', and this is what the game is about: making triangles...

The objective of the game is to make triangles. Make triangles by clicking three marks of the same color. You only have some seconds until each round is over. Check the time meter. Try to make as many different triangles as possible in each round. Try all possible combinations you can think of. But remember: You cannot use marks of different colors and you cannot make the same triangle twice. Also don't choose marks that are in a straight line.

► Completely new idea of gaming
► Hilarious cartoon character
► Translated into 7 languages
► Special mode for 'Color Blind' players
► Trains Brain speed and memory
► Friendly for all ages
► Unique graphics and music!
► Export Hi-Scores to internet

Trigna Cartoon
The Trigna Cartoon is out there to help you and make you laugh. He can explain the game rules, count the triangles, do lots of funny things and most importantly: He is there to dance! If you fill up all your life bar, Trigna starts to dance. If you do well with triangles he speeds up, but be careful because even one mistake will make him stop. When dancing, more points and life are gathered and this helps you a lot, but most importantly: His dancing is hilarious!

Color mode<
Sometimes a color mode round can happen. Then you will have to check what color your next triangle must have. If it shows a red triangle then you must do a red triangle next. If you don't comply with the instructions you will lose life.

Sometimes a number or a question mark appears on the marks. Number: It means that you can use this mark as many times as the number says, and then it will be deactivated. Question mark: It means that the mark will be deactivated soon.

In some rounds you will find some fruits and some presents.
The fruits available are: watermelon, grape, cherry, banana and strawberry. Every time one of these fruits appears you can click them and earn life and points. The presents available are: The euro coin gives you a lot of points. The music icon puts you in the dancing mode right away. The heart gives you a lot of life. The hourglass fills up all your time, and the 'x2' icon doubles everything in the specific round (points, life and even the life you lose). Remmeber that you must click all the extras fast or else after a while they can't be collected.

Gaming Modes
There are four gaming modes: EASY, HARD, DANCING, TIMELESS.