Raining Coins

20th October 2017 Action Games

It's raining gold coins! Come, play & catch them!

5/5 Super cute & challenging game!
5/5 Difficult at times but I love it.

The skies have opened up but it’s not raining cats and dogs! It’s raining gold coins! Help poor Eve catch the gold coins and buy the toys she loves. Free super addictive family game fun for kids, teenagers and grownups.

► Super cute graphics & characters.
► 4 worlds & 80 exciting rounds to play.
► Dress Eve up with skirts, costumes and accessories!
► Get help if you need it.
► Free bonus items every day.
► Full tablet support with Full HD graphics.
► Share your accomplishments with friends on Facebook.
► Graphics change according to weather conditions
► 2 gameplays. Touch screen & tilting the device (which is super difficult)

Supports Google Play services

You can play 'Raining Coins?' entirely for FREE.

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