The Final Battle

21th October 2014 Adventure Games

The Final Battle is one of our best adventure games. It is a funny adventure game which reminds us the old classic ones. The plot is happening at the age of the knights. Your character is a guy which wakes up in a prison cell with amnesia. He doesn’t even know who he is! Your task is to escape from the prison and find out the entire story behind your capture. And of course try to stay alive...

► Huge game (over 50 places!)
► Fantastic cartoon graphics.
► Deep story with many turnovers.
► Amazing music and sounds.
► Funny dialogs that will make you laugh.
► Fully translated into several languages.
► Pure adventure riddles and puzzles.
► Funny cinematic scenes
► Automatic save and continue system which saves up to the last click.
► export your Hi-Score online and compare it with everybody.
The point and click interface is as easy as that. You point and click somewhere on the game and you have two options: 'Examine' (Click the eye) or 'Operate' (Click the hand). 'Examine' looks at the spot you clicked and 'Operate' tries to do something with this spot.

Sometimes there are multiple choices that you can do or say. E.g.:'Take the bottle' and 'Leave the bottle there'. In this case you will see this choice box before the text. Just click the choice you wish once to select it and once more to activate it. Its as simple as that!

The game is really open. You can go almost wherever you want. If you want to get out of a place and visit another one just click on this icon. It means that there is an exit.