Best Tarot Simple

21th October 2014 Entertainment Apps

By the Tarot reading, people may be able to find answers about their hopes and wishes. This program uses the 'Celtic cross' card reading. There are 3 different, full, and original decks of the 'Tarot of Marseilles', which is the oldest and most popular. These are the Dodal, Conver, and Noblet decks. There are 78 different cards, 22 major and 56 lesser 'arcana' cards. This program is provided for entertainment purposes only.

► Completely redesigned with high resolution graphics
► Translated into: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian.
► Three different, full (78 cards each) and original decks of the 'Tarot of Marseilles' (Dodal, Conver, Noblet)
► Can show the same card from different decks, to compare them. (By a simple click on the card)
► Easy to understand explanations.
► 4 different background materials.
► 3 different users with the ability to save up to 7 tarot reading for each.
► Reversed cards and card pairs are explained.