Astrology and Horoscope Premium

06th December 2023 Entertainment Apps

2024 Astrology and Horoscopes Premium is the most luxury astrology, horoscope and numerology application.

✔ Super polished, premium app that saves up to 5 users.
✔ Daily Predictions. Get detailed daily predictions with text, based on Biorhythms. (Not Horoscopes)
✔ Yearly Horoscope. Predict your Relationship, Sex, Money and Health. Birth Chart not included.
✔ Astrology Compatibility - Matchmaking! Check horoscopes compatibility. Is he compatible with me?
✔ Numerology explanation. My future. Use the numbers to unlock your fate.
✔ Astrology / Zodiac Signs info. Do you know your planet? Your stone & color?
✔ Even more details like: Chinese sign, your tree and birth color.
✔ You can export all results to your email easily.
✔ Living room multiplayer! Up to 5 different users.
✔ Translated into: English, German, French, Greek.