Aristotle Virtuousness Test

21th October 2014 Entertainment Apps

From the makers of the best seller 'Personality Psychology Pro' another interesting title about ethics and virtues called 'Aristotle Virtuousness Test'.

This program is a simple 11 step test which determines how much virtuous you are according to Aristotle*. (*It's the world known Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato's student.) This test should be done by someone who knows you very well. (E.g.: Family, partner, friend..)

Don't do it yourself! After the test you will be given a score out of 100. Then you will be given detailed stats of what should be done to correct your flaws according to Aristotle.

► Courage
► Temperance
► Liberality
► Magnificence
► Pride
► Honour
► Good Temper
► Friendliness
► Truthfulness
► Wit
► Friendship
► Justice (Not used in the test)